SAEF Alzheimer's Program

Alzheimers Ribbon

Our instructors work with Alzheimer's patients to improve their overall well-being through supervised programs in table tennis. We established our program based on a formal 1997 Japanese clinical study - "The Effectiveness of Exercise Intervention on Brain Disease Patients: Utilizing Table Tennis as a Rehabilitation Program," that has shown how table tennis uniquely activates multiple portions of the brain, thus producing increased awareness and functioning within the participants. Table tennis is a safe and pleasant sport that has proven to be effective in improvement of motor function, attentiveness, concentration, as well as endurance according to the study and has been referred to as "the best brain sport." The noticeable increase in motor skills and cognitive awareness from playing table tennis is significant, if not remarkable, in its unique benefit for brain disease patients.

We are excited about our mission and very driven to be able to make a difference by providing senior citizens afflicted with these illnesses and their loved ones an opportunity to regain a renewed sense of hope. With support, we look forward to establishing the SAEF Alzheimer's Program as a premier model for similar table tennis therapy programs throughout the country.

Services provided by the SAEF Alzheimer's Program

  • Individualized one-on-one training
  • Instruction and supervision by SAEF Certified Instructors
  • Available through partner senior care centers or at our training center
  • At-home instruction