The Sport and Art Educational Foundation is proud to introduce the Alzheimer's and Dementia Table Tennis Program

The dream is a widespread implementation of our effective, 
formalized and carefully supervised programs in "table tennis
therapy" through an exclusive approach dedicated to enhancing
the lives of individuals with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

The dream is a sophisticated facility for individuals with various forms
of dementia, seniors and baby boomers that specifically promotes
1) mental stimulation, aerobic physical activity, and fun through table tennis
2) provides an exciting social sanctuary from the rest of the world
rather than simply a "way station" to pass the day.

The dream is a unique facility for both "at-risk" and children from
low-income homes as well as developmentally and physically
disabled children to find a "home away from home." 
Our unique "Yes, I Can" Programs enable them to create
a new "positive identity" through specially designed
table tennis (ping pong) activities that provide individual
nurturing and highly focused attention.

The dream is the creation of the most advanced U.S. Table Tennis Training Facility
for future Olympic Junior Table Tennis athletes in the United States. 

“The Sport and Art Educational Foundation is a dream that creates a future."